The Founding Fathers

Who we are

We are a group of Americans who are watching our country lose its soul and moral values. We are concerned that we are leaving our children a country that will be hard to recognize. 

When we were growing up, as we would drive down the highway on July 4th on the way to a barbeque, the road would be filled with cars, all sporting an American flag on the window, waving proudly. In recent years, however, as I try to pass on the same excitement I felt in my youth while flying the flag on our car and explaining the significance of this day to my young children, I am concerned when they ask, “Daddy, why are we the only ones with a flag on the car?”

This is only one of many examples where we see ourselves losing the country we hold so dear. If our youth do not understand the founding of our country and the dream for which our founding fathers fought so hard, how can we expect them to survive in a society that is trying to destroy our past and rewrite our history to shape a dystopian future?

If we teach our children the heritage our country was built on and the history of how our country came to be, if we bestow upon them the wisdom of the founding fathers, it will give them the courage to build a legacy of a better America. They will be proud to carry the traditions and values to the next generation and have grandchildren that will happily fly the flag.  

Founding father

What is coming

We are creating a platform that will educate and entertain children of the 21st Century. Our platform will engage children in learning the history of our great nation, and teach them to love this country.

Want to join the cause ?

Going up against today’s culture war is not an easy task. It takes strength, courage, and fortitude to keep up the charge. To join this cause and help us preserve the America we grew up loving, contact us.